International East Open

11.02.17 | Brandenberge Halle | Halle/ Saale


DATE: 11th February 2017

START: 9:00 am welcome and start for all Kata-competitions followed by Kumite-competitions.

12:30 am official opening, from 8:00 am weighing 

Victory ceremonys during lunch break, as well following the competitions in the evening

REGISTRATION: Registration until 5th February 2017 on 

The competition is limited to 700 participants in total.

PARTICIPATION FEES: EUR 15.- per participant and competition. EUR 20.- per Kumite/Kata team and competition. The participation fees must be transferred to the bank account of Karateverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

BANK: Karateverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Harzsparkasse, IBAN: DE19 8105 2000 0901 0214 90, 


Reference: East Open2017 and club name. 


Clubs are requested to comply with this example. Participation fees must have been credited to the account by 5th February 2017. EUR 5.- will be levied for late payments and late or amended registrations submitted on the day of competition. Properly made payments will not be refunded.


The competition rules of the Deutscher Karateverband e.V., shall apply. 

These include a valid examination of minors by a sports physician. 



Following protective equipment is required:

-gum shield, protective gloves red / blue

-fist protection red / blue

-foot guard red / blue

-shin protection red / blue (no duty for kids U11)

-breast protection for female athlete (no duty for kids U11)

-low protection for male athlete allowed (for kids U11 / students / youth / juniors required)



Students: Different Kata must be shown in the first three rounds. After that the already shown Kata can be repeated,  however not exclusively one Kata in more following rounds.


Youth: The choice of an Kata is free, but mustn´t be repeated.

All Katas of the DKV list and of the official WKF Kata list are permissible.

The organiser reserves the right to verify eligibility to participate in the individual categories.

Dual starts are permitted but only in the next higher age group.

The organiser reserves the right to make changes!

Liability: The organisers exclude liability of any kind.